Some differences between Commercial Auto Insurance and Other Car Insurance

Are you setting up a new business? It is not at all an easy task. You need to consider numerous things to make business strategies. Employees, marketing plans, promotions and policies and plans are some of the most basic requirements of any business and these things becoming more crucial if you are starting up with a new business. Besides all these mandatory things, you should neglect the commercial auto insurance. Are you thinking why you need commercial auto insurance when you already have insurance for your car? While handling a business, you cannot refrain from injuries and accidents. Therefore, without commercial auto insurance, you might lose your business in paying high bills of the accidents.

Therefore, to grow with your business you must have comprehensive commercial auto insurance so that you can handle the worst situations in case unfortunate events happen. The insurance will help you to cut down on the bills and will enhance the financial condition of your business. One of the major differences between commercial auto insurance and other ordinary car insurance types is the cost. In order to get commercial auto insurance you would need to pay quite higher than that of ordinary car insurance. Moreover, in terms of commercial auto insurance you will come across more complex terms and conditions than other car insurance types.

If you have relying on the existing insurance of your car or other vehicles, but you are still using them for commercial usage and get into an auto accident; you won’t get any coverage for the damages occurred. If you have got commercial auto insurance for your business it would include similar coverage for the vehicles that you are using for the business purposes. There are several optional and fixed insurances for vehicles that are being used for business activities. Accident profits coverage is one of those options. Most of the insurance companies offer this coverage. You get payments for loss of earnings in case of an accident, medical treatments and funeral costs.

Intermediary liability coverage is the other commercial vehicle coverage which is meant especially for drivers. If you are a driver and while driving injured someone or damaged his/her property, the coverage will help you to get rid of the mess without much of difficulty. If you have been detained for more than your coverage provides, then insurance company would be responsible for this. There is another well known option which is called Direct Reimbursement. If you have this kind of coverage, you will get reimbursement for the commercial vehicle and the possessions it had in case of an accident provided the driver has not made any mistake. If driver gets wounded or gets killed by an uninsured or underinsured driver or by an unidentified vehicle, then this is the coverage that lets you pay off for the damages without facing much of financial hassle. Some of the insurance companies also provide family protection coverage so that driver’s family can survive after his death.